Maternal Fetal Medicine



Dr. Samir Abbas Hospital provides compassionate, specialized and advanced management of complex pregnancies for women and their unborn children.


Firstly, Fetal Medicine


  • Performing advanced in utero fetal ultrasounds for diagnosis of common fetal congenital anomalies
  • Providing a structured plan, for pregnancies complicated by fetal growth problems and congenital malformations, and evaluate the appropriate timing and method of delivery
  • Providing treatment for some fetal conditions to optimize the fetal outcome. An example of such, is performing intrauterine blood transfusion for severe fetal anemia
  • Prenatal testing and diagnoses of fetal chromosomal and genetic diseases by taking a sample from the fetal placenta or amniotic fluid.
  • Frequent structured follow up of twin pregnancies especially those with single placenta complications
  • Communication with world renowned fetal centers in the USA to provide treatments or surgeries not available in the Kingdome and set a shared action plan between our centers


Secondly: Maternal medicine and high-risk pregnancy


  • Evaluation of risks before pregnancy for women who suffer from chronic medical diseases or women with previous pregnancy related complications
  • Close follow up of these at-risk women to ensure safe progression of the pregnancy without adversely affecting the maternal health or jeopardizing the fetal wellbeing
  • Provide a holistic comprehensive treatment plan including medical, social and psychological support