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About Prof. Samir Abbas

About Prof. Samir Abbas

Professor Samir Abbas, founder of the hospital, and owner of a number of women wellness centers kingdom-wide, is an authority in the field of infertility, reproductive endocrinology and women wellness. He is a well-known International figure in the field of women’s reproduction and assisted reproductive techniques, and was the first to facilitate a test tube baby in the Arab and Muslim world in 1986. He also performed the very first successful in-vitro fertilization procedure in the kingdom resulting in a live and healthy neonate.



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Brothers and Sisters


Sons and Daughters


We have always been Pioneers of the latest Scientific and Medical Technologies in the Field of Infertility, IVF and Gynecology.  We have kept this head start, and with God’s grace we have established this Integrated Institution to become also a leader in all other fields of medicine, offering you a modern cutting edge hospital.


I pray that you and your families will always enjoy health and wellness.


In this perspective we strive to be of Best Medical Counsel and Quality Service Provider whenever you need us.


We have harnessed in Dr. Samir Abbas Hospital the latest Technologies in Medical Prevention and Treatment with the Best Doctors.


Dr. Samir Abbas


To deliver the most advanced quality and safe services by seeking perfection, initiating change and extending our knowledge and care beyond limits of conventional practice and to create a bond of trust with our patients and families.




To achieve a leading position in delivering holistic approaches for total family wellness as we always were the pioneers and center of excellence in infertility all over the Middle East.


  • Dedicated to every patient

  • Effective community participation

  • Constantly seeking development

  • Adherence to Islamic Morals and Ethics

  • Develop trust between patients and colleagues

  • Disseminate knowledge and awareness