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The pediatric department of Dr. Samir Abbas Hospital consists of a neonatal unit (35 beds) and a neonatal intensive care unit (27 nurseries) , and the intensive care unit for children (2 beds) and the Pediatric Inpatient section, Clinics and the Pediatrics Emergency Clinic, supervised by 10 Consultants and Department Head.

The neonatal care unit at Dr. Samir Abbas Hospital received the award for best medical equipment in NICU in 2018, and in 2019 DSAH received the award for the Best New Infertility Hospital in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, presenting the best innovative healthcare services.

The newborn care unit NICU in Dr. Samir Abbas Hospital consists of 27 incubators equipped with the latest intensive care equipment and Monitors, and a device to link the mother with her baby , when he/she sleeps on, feels the breathing of his mother. The unit is led by a team of dedicated experts, consultants and nursing staff , this high experience you will always find on your side until you go home safely.