About Prof. Samir Abbas

Professor Samir Abbas, founder of the hospital, and owner of a number of women wellness centers kingdom-wide, is an authority in the field of infertility, reproductive endocrinology and women wellness.

He is a well-known International figure in the field of women’s reproduction and assisted reproductive techniques, and was the first to facilitate a test tube baby in the Arab and Muslim world in 1986. He also performed the very first successful in-vitro fertilization procedure in the kingdom resulting in a live and healthy neonate.



To be, as we always were, pioneers in the field of medicine; seeking development & initiating change to provide the most advanced services. We will extend, knowledge & care beyond the limits of conventional practice and create a bond of trust with our patients and their families‫.‬



  • Dedicated to every patient

  • Constantly seeking development

  • To develop trust between patients and colleagues

  • To give to our community

  • To adhere to Islamic Morals & Ethics

  • To Dissipate knowledge and awareness